Bankfoot Boutique

Featured client (bespoke website): Bankfoot Boutique: Hair, Nails & Beauty

“Just had a look through the website and its absolutely brilliant!!! So pleased with it so thanks SO much!! SO much more amazing than I’d ever anticipated.”


To design something that reflected the clients’ forthcoming salon and was easy to navigate.

My choices:

I was inspired to create something classy and beautiful after I visited Boutique on its opening day. I took photos of the salon and used them throughout the site, incorporating the same colours as was in the real place – purple and ochre – to create a match, something that was instantly recognisable by the salon’s visitors. I even used some of the promotional-material’s flourishes and swirls in my design!

Skills used:

  • Help client choose a domain (website) name
  • Help client choose a site host
  • Hook up domain name to host via nameserver changing
  • Plan initial site ideas offline
  • Agree on final site design with client
  • Write CSS code to configure look, text, and colours of the website
  • Write html5 code that adds text, images, menu, and pages to the site
  • Add basic PHP backend admin features so page content is editable
  • FTP the site files onto the host server so they’re visible on the internet
  • Make a database on the host server to store site content
  • Make other website pages and add content
  • Photograph Boutique on its opening day
  • Sort, pick, and edit best photos
  • Resize and crop photos
  • Write script for gallery of Boutique images
  • Design header

Please note, due to my websites being fully editable by the client, I cannot be held responsible for the latest content of external sites. Please see the pictures below to get an idea of how the site looked upon completion by me.


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