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Featured client (WordPress website): www.RMEquineTraining.co.uk

Site Design - rmequinetraining.co.uk Xmas Version


To design a site for a horse-riding instructor that comprises a blog, a tips page, a gallery, and info about lessons. The client preferred short pages and, where possible, wanted page numbering and hidden, clickable text that made long pages shorter. The client also preferred dark-look sites and wanted her business logo incorporated into the design. She also had a Facebook page and was keen to involve that – and her Facebook “events” so that website guests would see her latest available lessons.

My choices:

With the layout and design, I was left to my own imagination – other than general site colours and logo. I thought something quirky would fit with the equestrian theme, and so chose to design an arched header that fit with the logo. Wood seemed a natural inclusion for a horse site, too, so I darkened the wood until it fit with the site’s look, then designed the pages around it.

Skills Used:

  • Install WordPress on host
  • Set up and configure WordPress
  • Design theme, layout, colours, fonts, and general design; change the site completely from its initial template
  • Create “slides” by hand for home page slideshow, which includes the use of layers and effects to match the site
  • Resize and edit client photos
  • Create a snowflake background since the site was going live before Xmas
  • Paste in written content and upload photos from client
  • Install and configure sidebar widgets and site plugins
  • Source a plugin that would allow auto-fetch of Facebook “events”
  • Source other plugins that would provide useful features
  • Set up Facebook developer app so Facebook “Like” and “fan page” features work
  • Create a site title header using existing logo, and design a matching favicon

Please note, due to my websites being fully editable by the client, I cannot be held responsible for the latest content of external sites. Please see the pictures below to get an idea of how the site looked upon completion by me.

Screenshots of the Christmas version of RM Equine Training:


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